2022 Benelli TNT 135

Brand New, 5 speed transmission, fuel injected, led lights
Cat delete exhaust and custom air intake
$2,999 + Freight & Set Up

2022 Benelli TNT 135

Brand New, 5 speed transmission, fuel injected, led lights
$2,999 + Freight and Set Up

A Fun Bike, A Fun Ride, A Benelli.

Benellis are pretty unusual to see in these here parts, even at our motorcycle shop. But they’re popular overseas, and for good reason. There’s something for everyone to love in a Benelli — it’s a bike that’s built to last while always enjoying the ride. Learn more about this exquisite motorcycle, and stop by Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles to see our Benelli selection firsthand.

A Name Backed With History

The Benelli got its start in 1911, where the six Benelli brothers made a name for themselves repairing and manufacturing motorcycle parts. In 1921, the very first Benelli bike — a 98-cc two-stroke Velomotore — made its appearance for motorcycle enthusiasts to buy.
The ensuing decades saw more models and scooters coming forth, and with the latest models (available at our motorcycle shop), you can expect an extremely fun ride that builds off of almost 100 years of success.

A Relatively Rare Find

Even the most seasoned of motorcycle enthusiasts might not be able to tell you much about a Benelli. They’re not all too common in the U.S., which makes them all the more alluring. Everyone is out here on their Harley or Honda, or maybe a BMW, but you’re unlikely to find someone else with a Benelli.
For the person who’s all about being original, for the person who wants something different and unique and true to their personality, a Benelli is the perfect bike. You’ll have insights and information on a bike that many bikers don’t know about.

A Great Commuter Bike

No one likes a bike that’s too big or too jolty, or too shaky on the road. A Benelli is world-class for its smooth riding. It’s also an amazing deal, which is great for the biker who wants as much bang for their buck as possible. As Jalopnik said when reviewing the $6k Benelli TNT600, “[it’s] a lot of motorcycle for the money.”
Taking your bike out for a joyride, into town, or even to work? The Benelli is a bike that fits for every occasion.

For a rare bike that people are sure to ask about, for a ride that’s sure to be one of your favorites, and for a reliable bike with one of the oldest motorcycling names in history, a Benelli is your best bet. Visit our motorcycle shop in Odessa today to see what we have in stock!