1. The First Upgrades You Should Make On Your Bike

    First Things First The greatest appeal to motorcycles is, of course, that unrivaled sense of freedom and exploration you get while riding one. The second biggest appeal is the ability to tinker with your ride. Thanks to the rather skeletal nature of most motorcycle construction, you can get at the parts quickly and easily, allowing you to add, remove, swap, and mix-match parts as you see fit.  As…Read More

  2. Winter Motorcycle Riding Tips

    Riding Like a Pro in the Cold Season We’re lucky here in Texas that the winter weather never gets too bad. The temps might drop into the 30s and we might get some ice on the roads, but we still get plenty of that brassy Texas sunshine. That said, the season does change enough that it makes riding a motorcycle a little more exciting. So how do you stay rubber side down and hair side up while ridi…Read More

  3. The Best Books About Motorcycles

    We’ll be the first to admit. When you think about motorcycles, you probably aren’t thinking of any literature beyond your repair manual. While we don’t often pair reading and motorcycles together, the fact is that there’s something about motorcycles that offer a level of introspection you won’t find anywhere else. Since the first motorcycle was made in Germany in 1885, countless writers,…Read More

  4. The Most Common Mistakes New Motorcycle Riders Make

    So you’ve just ridden off the Ruhnke's Xtreme Cycles lot on a brand new (or new-to-you) bike. You’re experiencing the unique rush of mind-numbing excitement tempered by gut-wrenching fear. On the way home, you decide to take the scenic route, and at a stoplight in the middle of nowhere, a dusty truck pulls up alongside you and notes that your blinkers have been on for the last 5 miles.  Yes, …Read More

  5. The Motorcycle Gear You Can’t Ride Without

    Nearly anyone who’s ever thrown a leg over a motorcycle is aware of Marlon Brando’s 1953 classic film, The Wild One. In it, rival gangs wreak havoc in a small town, riding roaring bikes and clad in jet black leather and crusher caps. It’s an iconic look that you can still see on the roads today. But in the nearly 70 years since the film's release, riding a motorcycle has changed a lot and th…Read More

  6. Getting Back on a Motorcycle After Time Away

    Do you find yourself thinking back to days gone by spent in the saddle of your trusty motorcycle? Back then, there was nothing more satisfying winding down country lanes and darting through traffic. But those days are gone. Maybe you sold the bike to pay off some student loans or had a few kids, or maybe you got into an accident that changed your appreciation for riding.  Whatever it was that sep…Read More

  7. The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Motorcycle

    While here in Odessa, Texas, we can enjoy the riding season nearly year-round. As the weather cools off, some are starting to put their motorcycles away for the season. But the change in weather also means a change in riding habits, and for some, that means giving up the hobby entirely. Yes, there’s no denying that early fall is a great time to pick up a used motorcycle at a great price. But is …Read More

  8. Keep Cool on Your Next Summertime Ride

    Summer’s in full swing, and that means it’s the perfect time for a long ride. The bright sun means the roads are dry and that other drivers can see you easily. But it also means that things heat up fast, and that includes you and your bike. Keeping cool while you ride your motorcycle in summer means more than just sporting your killer leather jacket. It also means taking a few simple steps so …Read More

  9. Ready To Get Into Dirt Riding?

    If you ride a motorcycle now, but exclusively on the street, you are truly missing out on a whole new world of two wheeled fun. Maybe you rode a bit when you were younger, or have never even taken a dirt detour, now is the perfect time to get involved with the sport. The barrier that prevents some from getting into dirt riding is the equipment. Dirt bikes are loud, dangerous, and generally attache…Read More

  10. This is What You Are Missing Out On This Summer Without a Motorcycle From Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles

    We get it, we have all been there. Sitting beside the road, your bike smoking or otherwise out of commission, an ice cold bottle of... (ahem) water, in your hand. The condensation dripping down the sides of the bottle into the dirt, making puffs in the fine dust. The heat is miserable and just as you cash the rest of the beverage, your buddy pulls up with an enclosed trailer from Ruhnke’s. Its a…Read More