Get a Motorcycle You Can Rely On. Get a Honda.

Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles knows a lot when it comes to motorcycles, and Hondas are some of the most reliable bikes out there. You deserve a bike where every mile is better than the last, and a Honda can make that happen.

Lasts for Decades

Hondas can go the distance. It’s not uncommon for these bikes to go into the 100k range for mileage, and some have even closed in on 200,000 miles. You get the right engine in a motorcycle with a sleek and smooth finish, and you’ve got yourself a Honda. Purchasing a Honda from our motorcycle shop will give you years and years to enjoy your bike.

Harder to Come By

If you wonder why we don’t have as many Honda bikes available, it’s because their owners are still using them! Hondas last so long that people are less in need to part ways with this beloved bike, a true testament to this beautifully-crafted vehicle. But when you do find a Honda at our motorcycle shop, it’s a sign to act fast — we guarantee it will be gone before you know it.

Perfect Fit and Finish

A bike’s not nearly as fun if you’re not comfortable riding it. The soreness will set in, you’ll feel stiff and achy, and who wants that? Hondas are known for their smooth riding — not just in how they maneuver the road, but in how they feel while you’re doing so. At our motorcycle shop, you can feel firsthand how this bike is meant for you.

Our inventory is constantly shifting and changing, sometimes faster than we can get photos and info up on the site! Give Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles a call to see what we have in stock, or take a trip out to our Odessa location to see firsthand what’s available. We look forward to seeing you!