We get it, we have all been there. Sitting beside the road, your bike smoking or otherwise out of commission, an ice cold bottle of… (ahem) water, in your hand. The condensation dripping down the sides of the bottle into the dirt, making puffs in the fine dust. The heat is miserable and just as you cash the rest of the beverage, your buddy pulls up with an enclosed trailer from Ruhnke’s. Its a custom, enclosed beauty so your panhead doesn’t have to be dodging stones on the drive back to your place. Don’t know what we are talking about? Never had a breakdown on your bike before? Ohhh… you don’t have a bike? Well allow us to help you out by pointing out just what you are missing without a motorcycle this summer.    

Rally Runs

Motorcycle rallies are an awesome time for just about any motorcycle rider out there. Experience doesn’t really matter and neither does the fact that you might not be a hardcore biker. Many casual motorcyclists do not participate in rallies because they are concerned that they are for hardcore bikers only — this could not be further from the truth. Motorcycle rallies are not the crazy outlaw fests that they once were, of course, if you are looking for that sort of entertainment it can be found. Motorcycle rallies like the legendary Sturgis in South Dakota have really just become about showcasing the amazing riding in the area. You will see families and professionals all bonding over their love of motorcycles. Oh and don’t worry if you are riding Harley or a Honda, you will be welcome at pretty much any rally. But if you don’t have a motorcycle, you are missing out.

Camping (Kinda)

One of the all-time great motorcycle activities is camping. Now we are not talking about throwing a bedroll on the back and sleeping in the dirt, which is cool but most of us don’t like sleeping in the dirt. Not only do you not have to sleep in the dirt but in most places you can’t anyway and that is a good way to get a ticket, so we say, skip the camping and stay in a nice cozy hotel room. There are hundreds of bed and breakfasts scattered around Texas and this is an amazing way to see the country, leapfrogging to one B&B to the next. But if you don’t have a motorcycle you are missing out.  

Canyon Carving

If you have never done it, ripping through a canyon, or just a moderately twisty road, is one of the most exhilarating experiences that a human can have. While sport bikes like a Ninja or CBR are built for twisties, a Dyna will hold its own as well. Getting low in the corners is an incredible feeling and holding your line through the apex is a euphoric experience especially when you can throw the bike into another corner immediately. But if you don’t have a motorcycle you are missing out.

Looking Cool

Let’s face it, motorcycles are cool and most of us aren’t. The only way a vast majority of the population can look cool is through that magic stuff that happens when you throw your leg over the seat and blip the throttle. At that moment it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, because you are focused on how riding a motorcycle is an incredible experience. Riding a motorcycle might not make you look cool, but in your own mind you are the most badass rider ever to twist a grip.       

You Know You Want One

Riding a motorcycle, whether it be on the dirt or street is a life changing experience. There is a reason why you see riders out every weekend with their friends. Some take this hobby to the next level and make it a lifestyle, some use it for their commute, others simply use a motorcycle as an escape from the pressures of daily life. No matter what your reasons for riding, you will be part of an exclusive brother and sisterhood. Next time you see motorcyclists pass each other take notice, there will be a little wave, a symbol implying, “yeah, we get it.” The time is now to get on a bike from Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles, the premier new and used motorcycle dealer in Odessa, and don’t let another summer pass you by.