Learning to Ride With a Sense of Humor

With all that’s going on in the world around us, we figured it was time for a little levity. After the simply roaring success of our “How to Let Everyone Know You Ride a Motorcycle” post, we figured we’d throw a few more jabs at the community we love so very much. So let’s take a look at a few figures we all might recognize at the next group ride.

The “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To” Type

You’ll hear about him long before you see him. At some point in the group ride, your friend will tell you about the guy who rides a lot of old iron, and as if by magic, he’ll round the corner riding a Brough Superior SS100 from 1924 right then. This guy started riding motorcycles before the turn of the century, but you’re just not sure which one. 

As he putters up next to you, he’ll doff his fine leather gloves, lift a pair of ancient aviator goggles off his face and greet you with a large grin matched only by his enormous mustache. He’ll casually talk about his “stable” and rattle off a litany of makes, models, and marques, that sounds more like a dead language than a list of motorcycles. He’s convinced that the last “real motorcycle” a company ever made was the Vincent Black Shadow, and you almost believe him because of the conviction in his voice.

The “Riding is a Style Exercise” Type

We’ve all seen this rider. He’s wearing a distressed leather jacket that could be from Gucci or could be a vintage Schott Perfecto. Either way, you’re pretty sure he didn’t put those miles on that leather. He’s usually clutching a craft beer, or a craft coffee (or just anything craft really) in one hand, and is frantically swiping through Instagram in the other.

This guy has a gorgeous cafe racer bike parked out front that he painstakingly restored by hand and did all of the work on, but the way he talks about it makes you think he just bought it from someone else. A contrarian by nature, to him, riding is all about rejecting style while simultaneously embracing it.

The “HD Or Die” Type

“If you’re not riding a Harley, are you even riding?” It’s their clarion call, the pitch and rumble of which is accentuated by the roaring of their pipes. The rider will undoubtedly be kitted out in all of their H-D regalia, clad head to toe in bar and shield branding. Their bike will be clad in all murdered out metal, or brilliant chrome, there is no middle ground for these riders.

On their cruisers, they ride like modern-day knights off to battle. For these riders, the open road has been calling for so long and so loudly, that they might miss most of your conversation with them. At least, that’s how they describe their hearing loss anyway.

The “Excite Bike” Type

You can tell this type of rider based on what he’s not wearing. Nestled behind the tank of a high-end sports bike, these riders rely on a pair of worn-out leather flip-flops, basketball shorts, and a loose-fitting tank top to keep them safe as they ride. For added effect, they’ll flip a ball cap around and rock a pair of Oakleys.

The Excite Bike type favors speed before all else. He’s not quite sure where his rear brake lever is, as he’s never used it, but he can work that clutch like a savant. You’ll typically find this rider traveling on busy city streets at two to three times the legal speed limit.

You’ll Find A Motorcycle for Every Rider at Ruhnke’s

There’s no denying that there are a lot of personalities in the riding community, and we hope we didn’t call you out too much here. The next time you need a new ride, or a “new-to-you” motorcycle, we hope you’ll make a stop at Odessa’s trusted motorcycle shop, Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles!