Find Dirt Bikes and Off-Road Vehicles

For some people, cruising down the road isn’t enough. We get it. As a result, the team at Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles LLC proudly offers off-road vehicles for the thrillseekers out there. From motocross bikes to four-wheelers, we have what you need for the ride of a lifetime.

Choose from our ever-changing inventory of side by sides, 4 wheelers, MX, dirt bikes, and duel sports. Whatever you choose to take you off road and beyond.

Our dirt bikes are light, simple, and have a high ground clearance to keep you in control as you fly across that dirt track. We carry the following:

  • Motocross — These bikes are ideal for racing on short, closed-tracks with various obstacles. With a small fuel tank and a light frame, they were designed for agility and quick rides.
  • Rallies — These bikes have bigger fuel tanks for long-distance racing, typically through deserts.
  • Trail — The perfect midpoint between an on-road bike and a recreational off-road bike, they not made to compete, but are a versatile, less-rugged option.
  • Trials — These bikes were designed to help drivers make precise, balanced movements.  
  • Track racing — These bikes typically have no brakes or rear suspension and have been designed to take left turns only.

Choose your off-roading style and we’ll show you the dirt bike or other vehicle for you. Stop into Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles LLC today to learn more.


Our Inventory


SSR SR189 Dirt Bike

electric start, 35″ seat height

SSR SR189 Dirt Bike

electric start, 35″ seat height


2018 Yamaha TTR50 Electric Start

new battery ready to ride!!!

2019 SSR SR140TR-BW

12 H, 4 speed transmission, big wheel

2019 SSR SR70 AUTO

70cc, fully automatic, adjustable throttle governor, 4.69 HP, electric start, training wheels available for $130
$1,199 + TT&L


7.3 HP, 4 speed manual transmission

SSR SR110 Semi

6.2 HP, semi automatic 4 speed transmission