2019 SSR SR70 AUTO
70cc, fully automatic, adjustable throttle governor, 4.69 HP, electric start, training wheels available for $130
$839 + Freight & Set Up

SSR SR110 Semi
6.2 HP, semi automatic 4 speed transmission
$919 + Freight & Set Up

7.3 HP, 4 speed manual transmission
$1,199 + Freight & Set Up

2019 SSR SR140TR-BW

12 H, 4 speed transmission, big wheel
$1,859 + Freight & Set Up

SSR SR189 Dirt Bike (Blue)
electric start, 35″ seat height, adjustable suspension
$2,689 + Freight & Set Up

“Cutting Edge Design and Superior Engineering”

When you’re going for a dirt bike, you need something that’s both fast and reliable. An SSR dirt bike is just the ticket, and we have plenty of options available at Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles. Since 2002, SSR has been producing dirt bikes that are technologically advanced and up to speed with their top competitors. Find out more about this type of bike, and stop by our motorcycle shop to see some SSRs in person.

More Bike for Your Buck

Some models of dirt bikes can run upwards of 10 grand — an insanely steep price, considering they’re only used for the track and off-roading purposes. SSR produces a powerful vehicle that has the snap of a more expensive bike, but at a price that’s surprisingly reasonable. As Cycle World explains about the SR250, “the SR250 is a fun motorcycle at a very attractive price, and it performs at a level typical of machines costing much more.”

Great for Novice Riders

SSRs bring a lot of stability to the table, which is perfect for someone who’s just learning how to ride their bike. An SSR works as a great dirt bike for anyone, but especially if you or someone you know is starting out in the racing world, this is an excellent starter bike.
No one wants instability when they’re racing around the track. While more experienced riders might appreciate the flexibility and be more willing to negotiate speed and acceleration for stability, beginners should start with something a bit more manageable. An SSR dirt bike meets the needs of all riders, but is especially good for the rookies.

An Excellent Race or Hobby Bike

Whether you’re a diehard racer or looking for a fun off-road vehicle, the SSR dirt bike fits every bill. Hitting some dirt trails, taking your bike out for a spin off the beaten path — there’s nothing quite like being one with the terrain on an SSR. And with a variety of selections from our motorcycle shop, it’s never been easier to find the perfect bike for you.

If you’re looking for Harleys, Hondas, BMWs, Benellis, or other motorcycle brands, our motorcycle shop has it all! Choose Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles to get the best in bikes, trailers, and more. Stop by our shop today, we look forward to seeing you!