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You love to ride your motorcycle. It gives you the freedom and a connection with nature that is hard to come by with other vehicles. You can feel the air as you cruise along the highway or on a dirt path, feel the sun’s rays warm you, and see all around you unhindered. Now that you have your motorcycle, you’ll probably need a motorcycle trailer to haul it around, especially if you have a dirt bike.

Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles offers the best in motorcycles and motorcycle trailers in Odessa. Besides the best brands of bikes, such as BMW, Honda, and Harley Davidson, we offer enclosed trailers, new open trailers, and used trailers. We can help you choose which motorcycle trailer will work best for your bike. Below, we’ll take a look at some factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle trailer. Visit our motorcycle shop today to get started!


Open or Closed?

The first thing you need to decide before buying a motorcycle trailer is determining if you want one that is open or enclosed. An enclosed trailer will protect your bike from the elements and debris on the highways and can serve as a safe place to store your motorcycle. An open trailer is lighter, making it easier to pull, and is very easy to load. However, your bike will be exposed to that spring Texas squall when it arises.

Number of Bikes

How many bikes are you looking to haul? If your whole family rides, then you will need a trailer with a bigger capacity than a trailer made for one or two bikes. Furthermore, you may want a trailer as well that can haul all of your gear, and if you ride Motocross, that can be a lot of gear. Don’t forget gas cans as well!

Your Vehicle

The towing capacity of your vehicle is a big factor to consider before buying a motorcycle trailer. Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles in Odessa wants to remind you that you’ll need a trailer that can handle the combined weight of not only the trailer but also of your motorcycle(s) and cargo that you will be hauling. You’ll also want to consider tongue weight, which is the force the tongue of your trailer puts on the hitch when they are connected. All of these factors combine to give you a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

If your vehicle cannot handle the trailer, you risk putting too much strain on your vehicle, leading to auto repairs down the road, not to mention the fact that it will take you twice as long to arrive at your destination and you will eat up gas along the way.

Safety Features

Most modern motorcycle trailers, both enclosed and open trailers, come with all of the safety features you could desire; still, it’s worth checking. Make sure your trailer had adequate safety lights and running lights for hauling at night. Tie-downs are important to prevent your bike from moving during transport so no damage occurs to it and your trailer. You can add in additional features if you like, such as a front-wheel chock, D rings, E-Track, axle straps, and a soft-touch handlebar straps for added protection while traveling.

Style & Design Features

Lastly, you want a trailer that looks cool. Many people like to match the color of their trailer to their pickup truck or other hauling vehicles. Trailers also come with many options, such as ramps for easier loading and guides. Enclosed trailers can come with vents to minimize gas fumes. Side door locks are helpful for easy entry in and out of the trailer. Plus, you can always add graphics for an amazing look.


You want a motorcycle trailer that is well-made and can handle not only the highway but also your motorcycle that you’re hauling. You want a trailer that is relatively lightweight, made of strong materials, and has a nice, polished finish. You also want one that handles well on the road. New trailers come with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option to purchase additional coverage. This will protect you in the event of a faulty trailer component.


While you could load your bike up in the back of your pickup truck and haul it from place to place, this would easily become tiresome and cumbersome over time. Motorcycles are heavy, and sometimes it takes two people to load them up. Motorcycle trailers make loading and unloading your bike easy, which makes riding that much more pleasurable. After all, at the end of a long day of riding, being able to effortlessly drive your bike into or onto a trailer is priceless.

Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles in Odessa offers the best in motorcycles, including BMW, Honda, and Harley Davidson. We sell motorcycle parts, offer service on motorcycles, and offer off-road vehicles, including side-by-sides and four-wheelers.

If you have an off-road vehicle or dirt bike, a trailer to haul them in can end a lot of your frustrations and headaches when it comes to transport. We offer a wide variety of enclosed trailers and open trailers, as well as used trailers. We can help you choose the perfect one for your uses and needs. Our passion is riding, and for over 10 years, we’ve been sharing that passion with you right here in our Odessa motorcycle shop. If you have a yearning for adventure, visit us today to find the bike and trailer of your dreams!