If you ride a motorcycle now, but exclusively on the street, you are truly missing out on a whole new world of two wheeled fun. Maybe you rode a bit when you were younger, or have never even taken a dirt detour, now is the perfect time to get involved with the sport. The barrier that prevents some from getting into dirt riding is the equipment. Dirt bikes are loud, dangerous, and generally attached to a lifestyle that may be considered by some to be on the fringe. Well, the professionals at Ruhnke’s don’t buy into any of those old superstitions; dirt riding is for everyone and incredibly safe with the proper safety gear. on’t let the high flying, freestyle riders fool you—you don’t have to do backflips or anything crazy to enjoy a dirt bike.


One of the most intimidating aspects of getting involved in off road ridings choosing a bike. Of course, if you have no previous experience with motorcycles, it can be a little confusing to choose the perfect bike. Before buying a bike you need to be honest about the kind of riding youare going to do. Among the different disciplines there is enduro riding, which is cross country riding that generally involves crossing streams and climbing hills. Motocross is probably the discipline that most are familiar with, which involves light machines, flying around a track, and launching off jumps. Lastly,there aredual-sport bikes that can go anywhere, literally.

Off Road and Enduro

Many off road bikes are just for that — strictly off road — and not allowed on paved roads. Meaning that in order to ride, you musthave a pickup or a trailer. By the way, Ruhnke’s is Odessa’s leading motorcycle trailer dealer if you’re wondering. An off road motorcycle will lack turn signals, and in many cases it will have no lights at all. The electrical system is virtually non existent and many times there is not even a battery. These bikes are for motocross,trail riding, and enduro, although most enduro bikes have at least a headlight and some auxiliary lighting.

Dual Sport

The dual sport is the workhorse in the motorcycle world, in fact, there more than a few cowboys out on the plains of Texas that will check fence or irrigation lines on a Kawasaki KLR. These bikes, while made for fun, are just about perfect for everything. They are just as comfortable on the road as they are on the trail. The Swiss army knife features of a dual sport appeal to many riders out there.       

It’s Time To Get Dirty!

The beauty of living in this part of Texas is the rich abundance of off road riding that we have within a few hundred miles. Some of the most beautiful country in the state is right out our back door. It’s time to take advantage of this bounty and get yourself an off road or dual sport motorcycle from Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycle. Don’t know what you need? Be sure and contact us today and we can have you set up in no time. Now get out there are ride!