About Ruhnke Xtreme Cycles

Our History

We have enjoyed countless hours of riding together on the road, in the sand hills, and through rough terrain, and during this time, we have grown closer as a family. After Mike Ruhnke realized that his true passion was the great outdoors and motorized vehicles, that was it — our motorcycle shop became a reality and Ruhnke Xtreme Cycles LLC was born.

Mike and Fran married in Minnesota in 1982, where they had their first son, Michael. In 1986, the family of three moved to Texas, where their second son, C.J., was born. Mike got a job at a local company but decided to leave after more than 22 years to pursue his true passion, Ruhnke’s Xtreme Cycles. His youngest son, C.J., decided to join him in his new endeavor, and now they are working toward excellence in this industry.

With a deep love for adventure and a strong understanding of motorcycles, parts, trailers, and everything that comes along with it, our family is happy to provide all we can to you. From the side-by-sides to the four-wheelers, dirt bikes and street cruisers — if it takes oil and has a motor, it makes us happy.

Our Brands & Inventory

We offer motorcycles, dirt bikes, trailers, parts, and more at our Odessa shop. With new and used options, we have something for every budget. Reach out to our family today to learn more and see how we can serve you. Stop by today!

Our Services

We offer service, repairs and maintenanceparts and accessories; and financing at our dealership.

Contact us with any questions about our services, brands or inventory. We will be more than happy to help you however we can.